#Jesus on the Cross Spoke #Tamil


Of all the sayings of Jesus after being nailed to the cross, the saying 4

Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabacthani

is the only one which was recorded on his own words. 

We are establishing here with sufficient proof that it was a saying in chaste Tamil.

Jesus should have spoken in three languages. Greek while communicating with Roman officials, Aramaic while conversing with his Jewish people and Tamil while he addressed the Almighty.

The world has to come to terms with the notion that the Tamil was the ancient language of the parent civilization of the world and the cradle of the human civilization is Lemuria continent which is otherwise referred to as Kumari Continent in ancient Tamil literature.

The truth would one day come out. No body could freeze truth for ever. 

The history of the world has to be approached altogether in a different perspective. 

This is a Thamilarulaham production.