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Television. People.   Eamonn Andrews - IMDb  Eamonn Andrews (1922–1987). RU.  The Early Show - ESPN's Andrews Fights Voyeur Video on TV.com. Tooth And Claw. TR. THE LAST BASTION. Help :. Education.   Sketch show with Eamonn Andrews (not known for his comedic exploits),. CN..   Eamonn Andrews Biography (1922-) - Film Reference  Theatre, Film, and Television Biographies » Wes Anderson to Sarah Badel.  Eamonn Andrews Show. US. IN.  presenting World of Sport (ITV, 1965-68) and his own late night chat show The Eamonn Andrews Show (ITV, 1964-69).  Eamonn Andrews - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  In 1955, Andrews made a brief appearance on Celluloid, appearing on camera as the narrator who introduces the unrelated segments that comprise the portmanteau film