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Hale Hamilton
Edgar Kennedy
Allan Cavan
William Haines
Gino Corrado
Conrad Nagel
Esther Ralston
Smiley Burnette
Joe Dominguez

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  The Marine (2006) - IMDb  A group of diamond thieves on the run kidnap the wife of a recently discharged marine who goes on.   Game News: Aliens: Colonial Marines Coming Spring 2012. Exclusive: Dennis Haysbert on. The film was directed by John Bonito, written by Michelle Gallagher and Alan B.   #OccupyWallStreet - 'The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the.   When Lt.   The Marine | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  Coming Soon; Showtimes; Box Office; DVD; Trailers; Photos; News; Blogs. Prev Next.   Game News: Aliens: Colonial Marines Coming Spring 2012. William 'Wild Bill' Traylor · Conrad Nagel: Capt.   Box Office Results: The Hobbit Sets New December Opening Weekend Record.   Connect with your Soul Group or find your Soulmate at in5d Connection  EVERYONE is welcome! Link: . McElroy and. Edward 'Ned' Benton · Esther Ralston: Dorothy Manning.  The Marine Movie Stills. 1 - 4 of 11.   The Marines Are Coming (1934) - IMDb  Director: David Howard. "Wild Bill" Traynor, bad boy of the Marine Corps, arrives at a San Diego Marine Base, he is surprised to discover he has been assigned to duty under his old.   Coming Home | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  When her husband Bob eagerly goes to fight in Vietnam with the Marines in 1968, Sally Hyde begins volunteering at the local V.A