Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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1017 days ago


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MaJoToKiTa4EvEr 981 days ago

OPPA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥.♥

IkaWahyunika28 987 days ago

you look as the woman... very beautifulll....

GaemOchy703 999 days ago

i like your smile :) <3

alitz29 1006 days ago

I love your hair :D

Aninditarizki 1007 days ago


dwiemilias 1010 days ago

, :)

Chagia940618 1010 days ago

Neomu kyeopta,,,..,..!!!!

soysauce81 1011 days ago

pink hair !! woah

jongwoongurl 1014 days ago

sweet smile!!!~~~

Theowl_pray 1014 days ago

you're so cute oppa yeye :)))

dDew_21Wy 1014 days ago

Awesome,, oppa…

dDew_21Wy 1014 days ago

Awesome.... ^_^…

YC_chokyuhyun 1014 days ago

keren bgt abang

Erneslyz_Gomez 1015 days ago

i love u so much oppa

HaNguyen92 1015 days ago

KRY concert!!!.I can't go to it...but I'll see your seems that ELFs sent to u many gifts...happy christmas in JP

desiks_l 1015 days ago

handsome... hehe

ji_nanna 1016 days ago

Yesung oppa makin keren aja

iEMAN_3 1016 days ago

Adorable كيوووت ^-^

hera_3424 1016 days ago

yaoloohhh itu muka apa bokong bayi.., muluss benerr *.*

LeoClouds 1016 days ago

How are u beib?