as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

another lewksy at the new base classes :)

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1312 days ago

another lewksy at the new base classes :)


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Croax_AE 1297 days ago

Love the warrior design

Bloodsiphon 1297 days ago

De healer armor revamp looks very impressive

SecretAssasinAE 1299 days ago

Hey Dage, can you please give me your opinion? Thanks! http://twitpic.com/brre1a

Pyroskope 1300 days ago

classes aswell. (warlord, renegade, etc)

Pyroskope 1300 days ago

Am I the only one who likes the healer red? And Since your doing these. You should do the evo base

ZeldaHoly 1305 days ago

Plz plz plz make female versions without arm/shadowarm glitches <3

xKrisSamaCx 1306 days ago

omg imma love mage outfit now next year and will be my set

xKrisSamaCx 1306 days ago

Warrior,rogue,healer and mage new look

richardperci 1307 days ago

dageeee look at my drawings! i WAS making my own game but i coder bailed now im just drawing pics :(

Potsgovno 1307 days ago

Finally nice art from Dage? I am VERY surprised.

brentmichealson 1308 days ago

looking back on the old versions and wow forgot they looked that bad xD with the floating heads and all

brentmichealson 1308 days ago

only thing is if i was just starting these would really make me want to play but when u get into the game most of the non mem armors arent even this good

Dan_X_Doa 1308 days ago

Rsrdaman 1309 days ago

Ok, these look way too good for base classes. Stop making your art so damn good :<

Arwenos 1309 days ago

At least it's not gray and blue like all of his other crap.

HolyKing_AE 1309 days ago

Wow dage ur art keeps getting better and better i might just do another acc!! I like warrior , mage and healer loook ,also try the healer's red and put in a brown

Sothe_AE 1310 days ago

They all look sick......the healer is....christmasy....the mage...is a pirate of sorts

LDHanh 1311 days ago

Warrior looks weird, it looks like he has a zard on the shoulder.

NoxEternalAE 1311 days ago


Bloodsiphon 1311 days ago

Incredibly impresive alterations u have made here dage awesome vork my lord