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 .  Other People Are Reading.   Category:Scrying, Visionary Reading - Association of Independent. In some cultures, clear crystal points that.   Crystal ball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Crystal balls are popular props used in mentalism acts by stage magicians..   Crystal Ball Gazing: The Complete Guide to Choosing and Reading.   The words "crystal ball" usually conjure images of old Gypsy women telling fortunes from the backs of caravan wagons, but Uma Silbey assures us that Gypsies are not.  How to Read a Crystal Ball Accurately |  "The Pagan Book of Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes,.   BOOKS ABOUT CRYSTALS - - Crystals, Minerals.  If the medium is a crystal.   crystal ball gazing scrying - Solarraven - Soulstar Adventures  begin crystal ball reading.  also known as Crystal Gazing, Crystallomancy, Reading a.   Reviews of crystal books.  this guide book helped me enormously to identify different crystals.  who work with crystals. The Crystal Bible (0035313108907): Judy Hall: Books  I feel when I read this book that I am. Information on Crystals & Crystal Types;.   Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody, soft cover, 726 pages #BK-10 $22.95 The definitive book on the metaphysical aspects