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Yôko Shimada
Ken Wong
Jin Zhang
Siu Lung Sik
Marsha Yuen

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 2:37 Red Tails Movie Trailer 2011 George Lucas by nogoodflix 586,118 views;  Hong Kong Cinemagic - Undiscovered Tomb  Plot: Deep in the isolated border between China and India lies an ancient, hidden tomb thought to contain the treasured "Pills of Eternity." In this action-packed.   Yoko Shimada - Undiscovered Tomb -  Find Yoko Shimada's bio, filmography, including Undiscovered Tomb, photos, news and tweets.   Undiscovered Tomb (2002) - IMDb  Director: Douglas Kung. Undiscovered Tomb: Yoko Shimada, Marsha Yuan, Sik Siu.   A daring explorer races against an evil organization to find the legendary Pills of Eternity in this explosive homage to the Hollywood blockbuster Tomb Raider.   Hong Kong Digital #254: Undiscovered Tomb  No doubt inspired by Paramount’s big budget adaptation of LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER, My Way Film Company continued its history of cashing in on.   In this action-packed homage to the Hollywood film Tomb Raider, Ivy (Yoko Shimada) is an adventurous archaeologist who mounts an expedition to the remote border. Actors: Yôko Shimada: Professor Ivy Chan · Siu Lung Sik: The Kid · Ken Wong: Michael Lui · Marsha Yuen: Georgia · Jin Zhang: Steve  Undiscovered Tomb - Rotten Tomatoes - Movies | Movie Trailers.  Undiscovered Tomb - Film - Das Filmlexikon  Darsteller, Inhalt und Kritik von Undiscovered Tomb (Action, Hong Kong 2002)  Yoko Shimada (Undiscovered Tomb, Crying Freeman, ) - news, photos. An expedition is sent out to find this ultimate treasure. Get the latest on Yoko Shimada at  undiscovered tomb - YouTube  0:45 Super lift and kick - Undiscovered Tomb by zawenator 3,416 views;.   actor: Yoko Shimada - filmography (including Undiscovered Tomb, Crying Freeman, ), bio and film news from   [HK-Movie] Undiscovered Tomb (2002) | MYAC.ASIA  Scientists have discovered the possible location of an artifact that brings eternal life