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I'll take "Oh HELL NO" for a thousand, Alex.

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2314 days ago

I'll take "Oh HELL NO" for a thousand, Alex.


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lcrisler 2152 days ago

You don't think strangers have the best candy, either, do you? Gosh!

hilly_wa 2297 days ago

We've got worse in LA.

J_Devil_Bishop 2314 days ago

I just Tweeted about this dude's brother driving around Virginia last week. That's ... eerie. He plays Christmas music which adds to the creepy.

alissagrosso 2314 days ago

Was it by chance playing an equally disturbing melody?

dresdenblack 2314 days ago

please tell me it was driven by a guy in a clown suit. #thatwouldbeperfect

ph_factor 2314 days ago

Aw c'mon cherie..he looks legit...