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3 suggestion items that will go in the legion shop for legion tokens by @HawkBlackwell  and @Quintenii_AE

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1531 days ago

3 suggestion items that will go in the legion shop for legion tokens by and


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linus95x 1494 days ago

It said LEGION SHOP..?!!! where..? when...? i never found the ITEMS in LEGION SHOP!!! dont make us FOOL guy!!! make sure its in the shop!

PhiliphkAQW 1509 days ago

Well the axe isn't the same as in AQW
It doesn't have the glow, you might release Thanatos Scythe.

b_shahu 1522 days ago

Please and armors !!! :DDDDD

Shydoli 1526 days ago


Rezaj_Imba 1527 days ago

Could you make the SoTL Shop a Merge Shop? Like merging Legion Titan and Kezeroth's Armor 12.. XD

Shydoli 1527 days ago

still escelent work but man i got too say this is no more flashing its more like painting its too nmuch for AQW dage you got the skills too vreate your own game man no jokes

Shydoli 1527 days ago

after all the legion suggestion i made too you

Rezaj_Imba 1530 days ago

Awesome.. :) I hope there are armors to match it too.. I cant wait to see the other items :)

Zinrio666 1530 days ago

Definitely Gonna Get The Sword And The Axe.

Bloodsiphon 1530 days ago

Really astounding veapons yiu have made here my lord

nerodardevil 1531 days ago

awesome, what will be their prices?

Paul_Apollo 1531 days ago

Congratulations and These are amazing designs there, you too!

Verdante_AE 1531 days ago

Is it 100% sure that they will be added to your shop?

mieteor 1531 days ago

Gratz and you two have some very nice designs here.

humzaawan123 1531 days ago


GompaAE 1531 days ago

Cool axe, but it seems kinda small. Unless you could dual wield it, then anything seems to work.

Veneeria_AQW 1531 days ago

Nice man.. really nice. grats and

DevilmaycryAQW 1531 days ago

the axe design is really cool :D

TomcatArts 1531 days ago

Wow, these look pretty awesome. o.o What do the original designs look like?

Quintenii_AE 1531 days ago

Thank you so much Dage! This means a LOT for me! You really made them like 10 times better then the design! Awesome job! :)