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Marin Hinkle
Peter Giles
Mike Starr
Connie Britton
Janet Zarish
Jamie Harris
Farley Granger
Chris Eigeman

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Actors: Alexis Beckley: Girl in Audition Waiting Room · Mindee de Lacey: Linda · Tayler Deline: Julia · Holly Elkjer: Ginger · Carey Fox. Gadgets, Politics, People, Places and other things wouldn't have a chance. Posner. Nominees include Craig Roberts, Alice Eve and Kaya Scodelario...   The Next Big Thing - Rotten Tomatoes - Movies | Movie Trailers.   Virgin Media Movie Awards: Next Big Thing 2012 - Awards - Movies. Actors: Chris Eigeman: Gus Bishop · Jamie Harris: Deech Scumble · Connie Britton: Kate Crowley · Janet Zarish: Florence Rubin · Mike Starr.   The Next Big Thing (2001) - IMDb  Director: P.J. Posner directs the romantic comedy The Next Big Thing.  The Next Big Thing (2012) - Movies Hive - Movies Reivew Preview.   Movies: The Next Big Thing in 2009 - Yahoo! Voices -  If the Next Big Thing was some kind of title then Movies would be the defending champ.   The Next Big Thing (2011) - IMDb  Director: Andrew Carter.   Review: P.J.   The Next Big Thing Synopsis - Movie Tickets & Movie Times.   The Next Big Thing | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  Gus Bishop is a talented but failing New York painter who lacks the marketing savvy to make it in today's art world. After getting pick-pocketed in the subway, Gus.   The Next Big Thing Poster Pictures The Next Big Thing+2012 movie poster not found The Next BIG Thing [Download]: Video Games  The Next BIG Thing is the new, hilarious adventure gem from the creators of Runaway.. Posner.   Vote for the Next Big Thing 2012 in the Virgin Media Movie Awards