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Merry Christmas! From the arch fiend and his apprentice! The art duo of #OVERSOUL !


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1260 days ago

Merry Christmas! From the arch fiend and his apprentice! The art duo of #OVERSOUL !


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IkeS55122 1249 days ago

I reall want the Nulgath clause

VonLaker 1249 days ago

I mean bug.. anyone reported ?

VonLaker 1250 days ago

does anyone already reported the glitch of rudolphtheus ? it still says revonthurkey..

03ali57 1252 days ago

Wo i want his

03ali57 1252 days ago

WoW nulgath


JerwinAe 1257 days ago

Awesome! Nulgath Claus will be released right?

mephilies 1257 days ago

Just cause it offends me, dont mean I cant play it :P
Im just saying how it offends me to see someone draw Saint Nicolas as some demonic feind.

But who cares this hole argument is set and done, know my we please move on.

xKrisSamaCx 1257 days ago

Nulgath Claus and Red Nose REVON XDD

Veneeria_AQW 1257 days ago

Somehow i imagine "santa saying: Merry Christmas! TO ME! HAHAHA"

mturf 1258 days ago

ho ho ho, love them :::D

AvengerAQW 1258 days ago

nice to c u fiends are totally getting in the christmas spirit

SkylineSV 1258 days ago

LOL that's one scary Santa... and rudolf.

XxXSk8erXxX_AQW 1258 days ago

Then don't play the game if this offends you.

mephilies 1258 days ago

Saint Tonius, kinda offends me and my relgion.....

Tanapon_chp 1260 days ago

Oh umm.....
Nulga Claus.....urm....cute I guess?

Jrelucila_25 1260 days ago

I hope their not soul gem characters
but pretty awesome XD can't wait to get them!!!!

ChaosSlayer13th 1260 days ago

There seems to be a reoccurring with staff member chars. being released in seasonal forms first. :|

0ShadowStories 1260 days ago

Nice players get a soul.
Naughty players lose theirs.

ReichLord 1260 days ago

When are you releasing this?

SephiraTenshi 1260 days ago

well that's a Santa you don't wanna tick off