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Little Hada, a chihuahua with 15 broken bones...:(

A fairy is sitting on my lap.

As I write this tiny dog, a chihuahua called Hada (Fairy in spanish), looks at me in the eye and wonders what’s going to happen next. She’s only three months old, barely 2 kilos, most of her teeth haven’t come out yet.
There is no fear in her eyes, she feels safe….

It’s been already a few days since Hada suffered what must have been horrific abuse and had her tiny little body broken in 15 places. It’s rare to see a dog so small with as many fractures, and a real miracle that none of the 14 broken ribs perforated her lungs and killed her. Personally, based on the injuries I believe she was kicked like a football.

And then there is the jaw... brutally fractured and unable to heal by itself stops her from being able to eat. Every bite is a struggle.. even licking my finger makes her whimper afterwards.

Imagine the pain and anguish of being prisoner in such a tiny, broken body, living in a world of giants, struggling to breath because your ribs and your jaw are broken.

For once, imagine being a Fairy…

The ribs seem to be setting on their own but we are going to keep a very close eye on them to make sure there are no complications. But the jaw must be operated immediately. Operating a dog of Hada’s side is a challenge in itself, the equipment is different, so is the strategy to follow.