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 Reseña Latin Beat Magazine - Find Articles.  book artists/events, etc.  .  met Cuban conga player Chano Pozo and together wrote and.  New York’s top bands along with Chano Pozo and Juan. Options..  Iconoclast #98 - “Elefant Nation” Players’s Magazine - “Mi Ba. Almanacs;.  CHANO POZO The Original Conga King.  Chano Pozo and Gil Fuller in.   Manny Oquendo, Latin Band Leader and Stylistic Innovator, Dies at.  For Chano Pozo,.   Chano Pozo - Factbites  His grandson Joaquín Pozo who lives in Cuba as of 2006,.  published to represent the Latin music heroes that we grew up listening to in New York City eventually consumed our lives.  Leonardo Acosta --the Cuban | Article from Latin Beat Magazine August 1, 2001.  Mr