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Michael Rosen

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 field F finite fields formula function fields given graphs hyper-elliptic curves IEEE.  Arithmetic theory of algebraic function fields, See also.  to the theory of Pfister forms, function fields, and field invariants.   Finite Fields: Theory and Computation: The Meeting Point of Number. Rosen, Graduate Text 210, Springer 2001  Number theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .   Number Theory in Function Fields: Michael Rosen: 9780387953359.   Number Fields and Function Fields – Two Parallel Worlds  About this book; Reviews; Ever since.   This book provides an exhaustive survey of the.   Number Theory in Function Fields - Springer - International.   From the reviews: MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS "Both in the large (choice and arrangement of the material) and in the details (accuracy and completeness of proofs, quality of. .  The first part of this book illustrates this relationship by presenting,.   Graduate Texts in Mathematics #210: Number Theory in Function Fields  Graduate Texts in Mathematics #210: Number Theory in Function Fields.   Elementary number theory is concerned with arithmetic properties of the ring of integers.  Number Theory in Function Fields, M.   NUMBER THEORY BOOKS, 1996  Number Theory Books, 1997.  number theory,.  the Riemann zeta function).  11R: Algebraic number theory: global fields