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Grant Morrison and Various

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 Doom Patrol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Musclebound (collects Doom Patrol #42-50, August 2006 ISBN 1-4012-0999-8) Magic Bus (collects Doom Patrol #51-57, January 2007, ISBN 1-4012-1202-6)  Doom Patrol, Vol.   Doom Patrol, Vol.  Doom Patrol, Book 4: Musclebound  Doom patrol: the painting that ate Paris - Grant Morrison - Google.  Doom patrol: musclebound.   Doom Patrol #42 - Musclebound: The Secret Origin of Flex Mentallo. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers..   The long-awaited second collection of superstar writer Grant Morrison's groundbreaking run on Doom Patrol,.  4 Musclebound (42-50; w Grant Morrison; a Steve Yeowell, Jamie Hewlett, Mark Badger).   Jamie Hewlett (Illustrator of Tank Girl) - Share Book.   # 42 - Musclebound: The Secret Origin of Flex Mentallo is a comic book published by Vertigo & released on 3 / / 1991..  Doom Patrol (Vertigo comic book) - 87 issues  Doom Patrol (Volume 2).   Grade 10 Up—Morrison is one of the more innovative writers in superhero comics, mixing layers of character and complex concepts with the straight-ahead action for. Locations.  Musclebound (#42-50).  Doom_Patrol__Book_2. 5 has 510. Doom Patrol, Book 6: Planet Love (9781401216245. 5: Magic Bus by Grant Morrison - Reviews. 4: Musclebound by Grant Morrison, Richard Case (Illustrator),.   Doom Patrol, Vol