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Hi everyone- sorry for the super late post today! My son is in transition to a new preschool and it's been hectic to say the least! I have to be honest- I have been far from perfect with my meals (and cocktails:) and that's why I wanted to do this challenge!! I wanted to show that you can still enjoy yourself during the holidays, without depriving yourself of good food and drinks, and good times with your family and friends! Again, this time of year is about being with the ones you love and celebrating life in my opinion. So don't beat yourself up if you aren't perfect with your meals and eating the cleanest. Just make sure you stay on top of your cardio and keep eating every 3 hours to keep your metabolism going! 

Yesterday's Meals:

2 cups coffee with a little SF creamer

No Gym (day off) 

Breakfast- Amazing veggie egg white omelette with a side garden salad and 1/4 cup cous cous from one of my most fav restaurants ever- PANINI!!!:) 

Snack- My left over omelet and cous cous (I only ate half at breakfast) 

Lunch- WM's lean protein shake with PB2 and 1/4 banana

Snack- 2 rice cakes with SF jelly and peanut butter 

Happy Hour- 2 glasses pinot noir (By now you know I love me some red wine:) 

Dinner- Charbroiled chicken with mediterranean salad- dressing a little EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar)- yummy

Dessert- Took my soon to pink berry and got a small chocolate hazelnut! Sooooo good!! 

Last meal - Larabar and small bowl of brown rice cereal with almond milk- 
FYI- really try not to drink wine, pink berry, lara bar and cereal all in one night! lol - but it was sooooo good- and hey it's the holidays right??:) 

Weight is still the same- I had a ridiculous workout today- probably one of the hardest workouts of my life- but I will update you on that tomorrow. For now, have a wonderful evening! 

Lots of love:)

Nicole Zeola