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Pierre Dac
Jean Galland
Christian Alers
Véronique Nordey
Francis Blanche
Elina Labourdette
Jacques Dufilho
Gérard Hoffman

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 themoviesnob  But this is a movie, so embellishments are allowed to amp up the tension and the action. 8/27/2012 5:03 AM DICK SNOB wrote:. Actors: Greg Germann: Carl Mallard · Paget Brewster · Kat Dennings · Sean Flynn: Gore · Aaron Paul: Clay  The Cinema Snob Movie (2012) - IMDb  Director: Ryan Mitchelle. That's amazing, and well deserved! #Taken2 — @Movie_Snobs October 8, 2012: Now In Theaters :  The Cinema Snob: "The Cinema Snob Movie" FULL TRAILER  8/23/2012 4:40 PM Jonathan Karppanen wrote: ok, a cinema snob movie sounds idiotic, but by god this looks awesome!!! Reply to this.   Urban Dictionary: movie snob  The way you can tell if someone is a movie snob is by asking them what they like to do in their spare time. It is written by and stars Brad Jones, and is directed.   The Snobs (TV 2003) - IMDb  Director: Pamela Fryman. Actors: Brad Jones: Craig Golightly · Jake Norvell: Neil Hall · Noah Antwiler: Gene · Zachary La Voy: Det. - movies that Stewart McCullough likes  You Can Count on Me (good movie about a brother and sister's relationship) the Brothers Quay - misc short animations (these guys are animation gods) Blood Simple. Ted Adams · Jillian Zurawski. Irving pleasures himself way longer than 5 seconds. -  The Cinema Snob  And from Diamanda Hagan it's "The Cinema Snob Movie" in 5 Seconds! Impossible.  The Cinema Snob Movie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The Cinema Snob Movie is an American independent film based on the popular web series on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. All of the scenes are filmed as if this were a documentary,.   THE CINEMA SNOB MOVIE  Walkaway Entertainment and Stoned Gremlin Productions Presents “The Cinema Snob Movie”