as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

now that Kezeroth has been revealed i can post my art i did for the beast.

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1234 days ago

now that Kezeroth has been revealed i can post my art i did for the beast.


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Shydoli 1225 days ago

dage gonna make me ghet back in AQW bussines iam gonna impress you steven youll see

Bloodsiphon 1228 days ago

Lol double posted by accident

Bloodsiphon 1228 days ago

My apologies for de double post

Bloodsiphon 1228 days ago

Uhg lost count to how mant times do i hear de vorthless exodia excuse......

Rotsen96 1233 days ago

whaa, this is my favorite monster so far made by you

Rotsen96 1233 days ago

I cant breed, its so epic, i cant imagine how aqworlds without you? anyway you never failed to surprised me, always do your best

Zalg0AE 1233 days ago

exodia..really?yeah no. Epic work dage :3 really looking forward to seeing if this gets an armor :P

Rezaj_Imba 1233 days ago

Is this guy larger than Nulgath? :3

Dage_The_Great 1233 days ago

ik you shoud manifest it to lgion armor and put in legion blade shop make it 1000 legion tokens

BjorneAQW 1233 days ago

The only similarity between this and exodia is the position they hold themselves in.

MeinTeil95 1233 days ago

well it is quite similar to exodia http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FNT/BW78/H7432C7A/FNTBW78H7432C7A.LARGE.gif i didnt notice till now

neora5 1233 days ago

SotL shop (minus weapon)?

mephilies 1233 days ago

This is Exodia idiots.... Its a clear copy of him -.-

Just Black n' Blue...

SocknBoppers 1233 days ago

This is my favourite piece you have ever drawn Dage, I would pay crazy money to look like this.

Art_DS_Raja 1233 days ago

EPIC piece of art!

CodyTheUndead 1234 days ago

Just wondering, will this be made into an armour since the weapons have been released?

Veneeria_AQW 1234 days ago

So awesome, that it feels unreal that it was made in flash.

Quintenii_AE 1234 days ago

(also; Make this into some sort of wallpaper please :3)

Quintenii_AE 1234 days ago

The depth you have put in the dark blue parts of the axe is absolutely amazing! I think your previous sets are really good, but I must agree with you, this is the best thing you've ever flashed! The detail in the hammer is incredible! And I love how his r

Rivvit 1234 days ago

release the cape !!! XD XD