For #Twitter, a #lofty purpose as #Pope #Benedict XVI makes his first tweet

It may look as if Pope Benedict XVI’s first tweet on the auspicious date of 12/12/12 will be a #divine act. But orchestrating the pontiff’s debut on Twitter has been a far more earthbound effort, involving an elaborate behind-the-scenes production.

In Vatican City, a Twitter employee will be by the pope’s side as he taps the screen to send pre-drafted messages in eight languages from his iPad. His first tweet will be his own words, the #Vatican said, but someone else may actually type it for him. He will take at least three questions from his Twitter followers, but #church officials from a group called the “#Pontifical Council for Social Communications” will be overseeing the interaction.
....Twitter event Wednesday in the Paul VI Audience Hall will help it recruit #young members. The Vatican has worked for months with Twitter staffers to promote itself through various accounts. And it said it is only natural for the pope to speak directly to the #masses.