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Lenny McLean

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 He lived for a dream that wouldn't die.  One does not have to be a historian of the sport to know what the gist of bare knuckle boxing is.  Play Die Hard's Bare Knuckle Fight Online now!  Bringing back a bygone, bare-knuckle era - boxing - ESPN .  #50 Crying Fist 2005.  Illegal bare-knuckle bouts in Louisiana,. Director:.  List of sports films - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Men often identify with sports films in ways they wouldn't with other genres,.  Live Free or Die Hard: John McClane's Bare Knuckle Brawl.   On bare knuckle boxing, ring deaths, and Pedro Alcazar | Filipino.   Best Sport Movies to Watch - Good Movies List  Watch best sport movies of all time! #1 Raging Bull 1980..  1:36 Evolution of the Fist Bump.  The Band that Wouldn't Die.  Sports.  .  Sports Games Rating: