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"I am the silence of the winter night..."

~Jack Frost, Master Evolution

#OVERSOUL @Nulgath

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588 days ago

"I am the silence of the winter night..."

~Jack Frost, Master Evolution



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Sieg_AE 568 days ago

Wow, EPIC!

Ergotth 568 days ago

wow, I didnt buy it cuz seeing only his face, didnt think it was cool, but now... I HAVE to get it O.O

ZalandriaAE 586 days ago

Very awesome. :)

mephilies 586 days ago

Another Race of the Revontheins?

Veneeria_AQW 587 days ago


SAMUS25 587 days ago

a legendary version would be jack frost with to wands with most of his face frozen

Quintenii_AE 587 days ago

Spirit of Jack Frost incoming for legendary? :3

Quintenii_AE 587 days ago

I like dis! :O

Tanapon_chp 587 days ago

Wow, he's really cool....chilling?

Ryu_Tamashi_ 587 days ago

I wish I had abs like those >.<

Dage_The_Great 587 days ago

looks great but should make chest bigger and make face better or add hood but prett awsome love the sythe :D

Akriloth 588 days ago

If there's a Legendary I cannot guarantee how well I will be able to hold my excitement

DarkonDrago 588 days ago

Love him. Awesome cape, staff and runes man :D

Brucy332 588 days ago

Very good guy! get it anyway

EverettDumont 588 days ago

""I am the silence of the winter night..."" That phrase is epic

EzraKenyonAE 588 days ago


AlexDF_AQW 588 days ago

Frost Frost I Hope

kartron_ 588 days ago

i hope it doesnt cost sg

Total_AQW 588 days ago

He doesn't look so Frosty anymore.

lulzimshala3 588 days ago

*vomits rainbows*