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Tristan Ott
Crystal Rivers
Lita Lopez
Nedal Yousef
Jack Carter
Brett Lapeyrouse
Bear Badeaux
Bruno Wu
Lilach Mendelovich

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 4:46 Hypnotize me - Andrew Skelton - Original song - Reason 6 by AndrewSkelton1 565 views;  What movie was 'Hypnotize' by Biggie Smalls in? - Yahoo! Answers  Best Answer: Also used in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) .  Hypnotize Me - YouTube  Browse | Movies | Upload. Yeah.  10 things i hate about you with julia stiles. Girl you hypnotize me, love the.   Hypnotize Me (2012)  Vermon's straight edge and his best friend Josh is a total slacker. . Young Lloyd, Twista.   Hypnotize Me - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  "Hypnotize Me" is a single by Wang Chung. Hypnotize Me Wolfgang. Billboard Hot 100 and also #13 on the U.S. Let's get it. Oh yeah. Actors: Bruno Wu: Vermon · Tristan Ott: Josh · Crystal Rivers: Jane · Brett Lapeyrouse: Marcus · Jack Carter: Moocher. Myspace.. The song was on their 1986 album, Mosaic