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Weight still the same this morning! 130lbs;) feeling pretty good. Had a late might last night at the lakers game- they lost:( they are having a pretty crappy season so far. But in feeling great- went and did some cardio this morning. Last night was my "cheat" night so I had some cocktails and a cookie. 

Yesterday's meals:

Two cups coffee and cream;) 

Ran the beach 

Protein shake 

Brunch- I had an egg white, spinach omelette, with 1 oz avocado and some strawberries, coffee with a little soy milk. 

Snack- small tangerine and raw crunch bar 

Dinner- large green salad and two grey goose sodas with 3 limes- (my signature drink;) 

Dessert- split a large chocolate chip cookie with my husband. 

Before bed- another protein shake! 

Going to really clean things up this week- look out for some big changes;) 

Best Wishes,

Nicole Ziaolhagh