Since healthy living & health education is my platform focus as America's Miss DC, I thought I'd share ways I have maintained my weight throughout the years after being overweight as a pre-teen:

1) No bored eating or impulse earring. 2) If you sit down most of the day at your job, restrict your calories. 3) If you have an active lifestyle or a mobile job, you can afford the extra calories. 4) Definitely no starvation and stop when you're full. 5) Wait 20 mins to get seconds. 6) Eat more baked foods than fried foods. 7) None or very little red meat. 8) Instead of snacking on junk during the day, drink water or eat something with high fiber. 9) Remembering that enough sleep is essential for metabolism. 10) Walk or bike, instead of driving. #health #hearthealth #living #food #healthychoices