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A journalist of "Sawt achaâb" in court



Intimidation against journalists do not stop. I send you here the news

 The Observatory of the Tunis Centre for Freedom of the Press
on the trial of a young journalist working for the newspaper paper "Sawt Echaab"

Tunis on 07/12/2012

A journalist of "Sawt achaâb" in court

Yassine Nabli journalist "Sawt Shaab" inform the Observatory of the Tunis Centre for Freedom of the Press he was summoned before the 6 th  Criminal Chamber of the Court of First Instance, on the 27th of this month.

Nabli states that the complaint comes from a CEO of an agricultural society and president of a Tunisian political party, following the publication of an article in the journal "Sawt achaâb", dated November 15, 2012 and entitled " Korba: village "Henchir Ayad" farmers demanding the State reclaiming the land. "

Abdeljabbar Madouri, editor in chief of the newspaper, said, meanwhile, that the article in question contains no damage or any fallacy to the complainant, especially as neither his name nor his quality or even his picture n ' were revealed. Madouri adds that the complainant has not even claimed the right of reply and is written directly to the Justice.

The Tunis Centre for Freedom of the Press wishes to express its solidarity with the colleague Yassine Nabli and recalls its earlier claim to set aside the justice in this kind of business for what it represents as a challenge to serious investigative journalism fruitful and does not shrink from what has always been considered a taboo for decades. The Centre calls Moreover, businessmen and policymakers to consider or administrative challenges of the Tunisian press.