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Ok- feeling great today!! I have a ton of energy and my weight is coming down which I like, 130lbs.:) My goal weight for the end of the challenge is 122lbs btw:) I had an amazing run on the beach this morning which I always love. I run in the thick part of the sand and it is a killer glute, leg, and cardio workout. Plus, I get to meditate on all of the things I have to be grateful for and all of my dreams that I am working towards. It is important to spend time every day to visualize your goals as if they have already happened, and then go and take the steps to get there:) 

Yesterday's meals: 

Of course my two cups coffee and cream

Breakfast- WM's Lean protein with spinach and 1/4 banana

Brunch with my dad- egg whites and sautéed spinach, with 1 cup black beans, 1 corn tortilla, 1 oz avocado, and salsa- and an almond milk latte- yummy!!! 

Snack- Raw protein bar

Gym- cardio: 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the revolving stairs, and abs

Post workout- another protein bar!!!

Dinner- My leftover eggs,spinach, and beans from lunch (I love leftovers btw:)

Snacked on- some cashews and a rice cake with sugar free jelly

Before Bed- WM's lean protein chocolate shake and 1 cup almond milk 

As you can see- I eat all of the time and I eat  a lot- My point in doing all of this is to show that you can eat and LOSE WEIGHT!! It just needs to be the right foods and at the right times! 

Happy Sunday- Off to the LAKER game- hopefully they play better tonight!! Going to have sushi in LA at my fav sushi spot ever- Katana!! Can't wait! Check you tomorrow!!