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 Billy Mays - Quick Chop - YouTube  Here is the original Slap Chop called the Quick Chop by Billy Mays!.   They are also the best lines in ''Quick Change,'' but no one should worry about punch lines' being given away. Actors: Min-ki Lee: Han Gi-soo · Ye-won Kang: Ah-rom · In-kwon Kim: Kim Myeong-sik · Chang-Seok Ko: Detective Seo · Jin-mo Ju: Team leader. Valerie: Look,. Quick Change: Bill Murray, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid.  Quick Links: Create a list » Related.  OOOO HOOO UR A QUICK ONE - Billy madision.   Canyon Cinema : Film  1777 Yosemite Ave Suite #210 | San Francisco, California 94124 | Phone: +1 415.626.2255  Movie Review - Quick Change - A Clowning Bank-Robbery Caper. Mr. Wolfie.   Quick (2011) - IMDb  Director: Beom-gu Cho. Upgrade to QuickTime 7 Pro and capture video with a single click or convert media into a variety of formats. Channel 48 videos;  Billy Bragg - Music  Comprehensive web site about singer songwriter Billy Bragg - news, tour dates, shop, articles, gallery, lyrics, songs, new releases, mp3 downloads, forums  Adam Sandler Movie Quotes - :: Movies That Matter!  If we're on topic of quotables from Sandler movies but not necessarily Sandler himself,.  which is a much funnier work than the movie itself..   There is not much in Quick Change that hasn't been anticipated by Neil Simon and beaten to death by countless imitators. Bill Murray plays Grimm, a frazzled