Amateur flash artist.The one and only true ShadowFire God ;] Here's my twitpic http://t.co/R7BCw8eN0N . Enjoy:D

Full set :)

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1534 days ago

Full set :)


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GimliAE 1473 days ago

You should post more stuff on your twitpic xD

Durzo_BlintAE 1533 days ago

You are victorious once again with your artwork.

Paul_Apollo 1534 days ago

Awesome as always, Tyronius! This could be good for the New Years if change the colors to more of a chrono-ish color.

_GuiiR 1534 days ago

12-12-12 EVENT? ò_ò RARE SHOP ITEM? ò_Ó

Tenchitorarts 1534 days ago

Really Epic set buddy!!

Schillehh 1534 days ago

Oo, make a big hammer! look at his shoulders! he wont poke someone with a spear! :)

Quintenii_AE 1534 days ago

Very good job! I like it very much, i also think that the color and the shading of the metal is brilliant!

kevinv111 1534 days ago

no offence

kevinv111 1534 days ago

All of them is BEAST execpt for the cap I have no idea how that would match

TyroniusAQW 1534 days ago

I just tried my best :D I'm glad you likt it ;]

SimplySlusher 1534 days ago

This set really stands out from the rest. It's purely original. Nothing else like it. Excellent job

TyroniusAQW 1534 days ago

Thx! I appreciate it ;]

TheUnknownNorth 1534 days ago

Nice! Great Job Tyronius!