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입꼬리가 저절로 올라간다잉..ㅋ

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1457 days ago


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tu_shitta 1457 days ago

Still healty and happy. Always showing it to the world, ok my lovely? My love is you. :)

jiorlani 1457 days ago

^___^ Hwaiting & Happy sunday for you all mambers SUJU

CeciliaTercero 1457 days ago

Mineral water... It looks good!!!... Good luck, stay healthy
Have a nice day!!!! <3:*

beloved_SJ 1457 days ago

yeoja..namja..alert! Kangking' new cf !

qynook 1457 days ago

Great! It's good for you health, Kangin oppa ^^

CanadaELFDiana 1457 days ago

Healthy :) I should drink more water too! Spring water is very healthy~

ladude9 1457 days ago

Drink lots of water and stay healthy! :)

seongchan0203 1457 days ago

good morning oppa....enjoy your day :)

Xuxixuxixon 1457 days ago

gê..tự khen mìh hát tốt lun..tui trans=GG nên k bit có đúg hok nữa..ság tốt làh nhóe...Sư Tử Chúa