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Something new ;) The concept of a random NPC.

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1419 days ago

Something new ;) The concept of a random NPC.


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aqw_eeedy 1344 days ago

Super cool! But you should ditch the cape thingy :P

IsaacSmith_AE 1415 days ago

I can't even fathom how awesome this is:O

hergot555 1418 days ago

Wow this is awesome!

Israil_AQW 1418 days ago

like the details of the shoulder and arm

TyroniusAQW 1418 days ago

It means a lot to me! I truly appreciate those words sir ;)
I'm glad you like it ;) I tried to make it look majestic ;D
It's still just a concept so I'll try to upgrade the head a little bit :)

SkylineSV 1418 days ago

Really cool concept you've got here :D

Veneeria_AQW 1418 days ago

Not at all. I really like how majestic you made him while giving the unique concept. :)

AvengerAQW 1418 days ago

likin everythin about it Except dat face :|

Dan_X_Doa 1418 days ago

Plasma looking.The 2nd one is funny lol.No arms.You should add some electric shocks to the armor relatively the same color of the glow :)

WonderpBread 1418 days ago

I agree with ! This totally needs to be an awesome armor in Chronomancer colors! :D

TyroniusAQW 1418 days ago

Not as awsum as ur scyths xD
He's a rayman's brother from the future xD

Cowctus 1418 days ago


Veneeria_AQW 1418 days ago


TyroniusAQW 1418 days ago

Thx! and sure, it's just a concept so suggestions are welcome :D I'll change colors at least :)

Paul_Apollo 1418 days ago

Nice job! I thought why not use some chrono colors/details to this random NPC?

TyroniusAQW 1418 days ago

Don't worry :D I'll make an armour soon :)

ryozthegreat 1419 days ago

Why not an armour?! and I have a feeling this is linked to 12/12/12..