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Ok yesterday was a rough day- weight is back up a bit, but I'm retaining some water and lifting heavier so that's pretty normal. Have to make this quick cause I am running into my doctor appt. 

Today's workout: Kick ass rpm class! And super hard leg day!! I will post workout later. 

Yesterday's meals:

2 cups coffee with cream

Breakfast: 1 cup egg whites and 1 piece Julian bakery low carb bread with a little spray butter. 

Post workout: shake- wm's lean protein, 1/4 banana, 1 cup spinach, water and ice. 

Snack: Starbucks tall soy Americano;) 

Lunch: 1 pumpkin tamale with braised spinach, side green salad and 1/4 cup Nutted brown rice;) 

Dinner: another shake;) with 1 cup almond milk and finished other tamale from lunch. 

Last meal: egg white pancake

And I had one of my sons fudge pops and a handful of banana chips. It's that time of month- and I get a mean sweet tooth!!:( I will be better tonight!!!;) 

Have a fabulous day!!!