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Love hurts...

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2074 days ago

Love hurts...


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PrettyinPink614 1858 days ago


jukiiyukii 1864 days ago

hahahahha yes it does

raara_rodrigues 1882 days ago

Love hurts ... literally ...

raara_rodrigues 1882 days ago

Love hurts, but it is much better, after this blow, losing memory and no longer remember the pain ... is everything you want. In some painkillers, of course. hahah

janieewells 1883 days ago

This is what I would like to do to anybody that hurts or makes fun
of Josh and that does not give him the awards and all the good things he should have

janieewells 1883 days ago

How did you get this pic to look like this.

Leda1981 1975 days ago

I dont know why this angel is so mad.... because if he would look good, you see a bold, overweight person. I would say: Time to see what the world has in store for me now, always reach for the best! leave him in the park where he is at now :)

moonsandyland 1983 days ago

I love this picture lalala!!! very angry

jcabernet 2047 days ago

no sir, not while I'm around (:

anitaunwin 2053 days ago

hahahaha ahh *wipes tear*

ThatTessGurl 2066 days ago

That reminds me of that Dr.Who episode when all those statues came to life and tried to kill people, but they couldn't hurt you if you looked at them...

DianaPizano 2069 days ago

OMG! I laughed so hard I couldn't breath & just about tinkled!!!

megan_minton 2070 days ago

Wow...this is great! Haha.

honk4peace 2071 days ago

One Republican at a time ...

FLOW828 2071 days ago

"Love hurts..." good caption.. I like 's comment too ..haha :P #humor

SienaJackson 2072 days ago

Haha Yes it does!!! Did that guy not like Cupid's Choice?? Hee hee But I love U Josh!

Raiyenne 2072 days ago

Cupid's ready to give the big wallop, huh. Ouch.

amandahertzberg 2072 days ago

ha you seem pretty adorable.

hadassah90 2072 days ago

Have I mentioned how much I love Cupid?