as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

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Female Snow Angel and weapons

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653 days ago

Female Snow Angel and weapons


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AvengerAQW 652 days ago

dem weps... just beautiful.

EonusAQW 653 days ago

beautiful.. they look like godly permafrost weapons

Bloodsiphon 653 days ago

Looks fcing cute on a female lol awesome work dage

Ryu_Tamashi_ 653 days ago

That sword is amazingly detailed. Sword + Plate of the Fallen + Aranx Wings + Dage Bday hat = awesomeness

XxXSk8erXxX_AQW 653 days ago

I'm so sad lol. I know this is going to be ac's. Buuuut I can't afford them this year.

KovuDesign 653 days ago

spectacular detail :oo

Veneeria_AQW 653 days ago

awesome... and i mean everything :D

Darknite786 653 days ago

Buying everything angel Armour wep and cape and helm man can't wait

Necro_Zayrus 653 days ago

WOW!!! Epic work! We need a lot of this things in the game ! I love the weapons :D...

kayswiss97 653 days ago

Damn bruh, it's sure gonna' be a cool frostvale this year!.

Assanes16 653 days ago

this is madness .. jk >_<

EzraKenyonAE 653 days ago


Icecold1994_Aqw 653 days ago

Gonna be a cold Frostval!

LustCameron 653 days ago

Wow!!! So chill, but cool

ZalandriaAE 653 days ago

That hairstyle/Helm is awesome. I love it. The wings are beautifully done too. <3

Art_DS_Raja 653 days ago

for anyone who makes detailed weapons, but I am SO serious about u making ur own game, ppl would loathe over it man!

Art_DS_Raja 653 days ago

I REALLY love ur weapons man! They are detailed and patterned yet the swords have a definite blade and usability and u clearly show the edge too, most detailed weapons lack an edge but ur ones r just top notch and staffs are good

ElevenElevenAE 653 days ago

I really want that sword..

DL_Eonaleth 653 days ago

Beautiful work as always Dage and can't wait to get it. Will wear it proudly.

master_light_m 653 days ago

I love the staff! And this wings are amazings!