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Lava Sword

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1364 days ago

Lava Sword


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Rivvit 1355 days ago

make a duel wep. one lava and one icy . pweety plzzzzz XO

IsaacSmith_AE 1358 days ago

This is going in my favorite category!

Onilue 1364 days ago

This is amazing. I demand more Lavathemed items.. :3 Nah jk. You can do what you want. But to be honest, I sense a good chance for a whole weapon set. :)

ElevenElevenAE 1364 days ago

Agreeing with Chrono, give us a pair of them, and we'll be happy xP

ChronoPinoyX 1364 days ago

Give me a pair of these and I will be a happy... Something :3

Veneeria_AQW 1364 days ago

lags and because of the difficulty i find of making flame animations

Paul_Apollo 1364 days ago

Nice job! I thought, why not put flames on the sword?

LevitasAE 1364 days ago

Really good! Love the Lava! Awesome job Ven!!

Veneeria_AQW 1364 days ago

thanks :)

KovuDesign 1364 days ago

Very good job!!

TenzanAE 1364 days ago

I know what you mean. My Flash is crashing more often for some reason due to that.

Veneeria_AQW 1364 days ago

that i don't know... i though about it though..just have no idea how make the whole lag story

TenzanAE 1364 days ago

Can you make an animation that makes the blade explode into flames when you click on it?

Cowctus 1364 days ago

a lava sword for christmas... now THAT's original :o

Veneeria_AQW 1364 days ago

Partly the reason i made it so dark, was just for the contrast with the lava and the other color : white. Also just made a "cyan" version: ice version

ElevenElevenAE 1364 days ago

I love it :O The handle sticks out to me :3 I like how it's wrapped up instead of just metal

Quintenii_AE 1364 days ago

Looks great, but maybe the blade could be less dark? :o

Veneeria_AQW 1364 days ago

Thanks, that is what i intended to be.

AvengerAQW 1364 days ago

me like,simple yet kewl