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these are NOT what I would call pancakes...

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2472 days ago

these are NOT what I would call pancakes...


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AlejandraDD 2471 days ago

No, but it's true. Pancakes are very thin over here, and they're not really pancakes unless they're filled with dulce de leche

algonacchick 2471 days ago

so what do English pancakes look like?? I'll take whatever ones Ale doesn't eat. Oh, darn, that's right. I won't be in CA when you two are. nm

AlejandraDD 2471 days ago

Darn you! Then don't eat them, and give them to me when I get there! :P

nloughery 2472 days ago

but you DID call them delicious :)

toin9898 2472 days ago

I WOULD! Except that they are probably lacking in real syrup. Bleh.