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Jack Palance
Ray Charleson
Peter O'Farrell
Patricia Quinn
Bernard Bresslaw
John Terry
William Morgan Sheppard

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Voltan (Jack Palance) is the.  Hawk the Slayer will appeal most to undiscriminating fans of the sword-and-sorcery genre. Hawk, having suffered the ignimony of watching both his father and fiancée die at the hands of his brother.   Hawk the Slayer | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times | Tickets. The title character.  Hawk - Noble warrior who uses a special sword powered by elven magics.   Hawk the Slayer B-Movie Review - Badmovies.org  Badmovies.org review for Hawk the Slayer.   Amazon.com: Hawk the Slayer: Jack Palance, John Terry, Bernard.  Hawk - Noble warrior who uses a special sword powered by elven magics. Actors: Jack Palance: Voltan · John Terry: Hawk · Bernard Bresslaw: Gort, Giant · Ray Charleson: Crow, Elf · Peter O'Farrell: Baldin.   Among its many dubious distinctions, Hawk the Slayer is the only sword-and-sorcery movie to feature Silly-String® as a medieval weapon! This splendidly wretched.   Hawk the Slayer (1980)  With Jack Palance, John Terry, Bernard Bresslaw. Apparently it protects and guides him.   Hawk the Slayer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Hawk the Slayer (1980) is a sword and sorcery movie directed by Terry Marcel and starring John Terry and Jack Palance. The protagonist is Hawk, a hero in the Dark Age