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1504 days ago



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KiraNightingale 1416 days ago

It would be nice if this releas could have suggestion items...My space armors would be perfect.

(Love this btw <3

Durzo_BlintAE 1493 days ago

I must have it.

mephilies 1496 days ago

Wow j6 your awesome at making backgrounds and armors :D

Veneeria_AQW 1502 days ago

Too epiiic :DDDDD

KetuAE 1503 days ago

J6 without his suit?

JSketches 1504 days ago

very nice a dis-embodied astral armor of some sort

Top_AE 1504 days ago

.....bad english, i dont know how to express what i see. And i speak spanish too :P

Top_AE 1504 days ago

Interesting....Nice work! Altough, the template limit it if you ask me. The body shape its too pronounced. Its my opinion because i see and abstract armor, thats why i find the bones a little bit odd (btw, i love your bones shading). Sorry for the bad eng

PkerSlayer 1504 days ago

Yeah. Release that. Please. Thanks. <3

AvengerAQW 1504 days ago

kewl,not so sure abt the random floating thingies on the legs

Akriloth 1504 days ago

Think you can take out the skeletal parts? and I think it's better without skeletals

xDamianC 1504 days ago

Wow...Looks great but I think the wristband would've look better without the extra blade on the side

DevilmaycryAQW 1504 days ago