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  Two FREE In-store Movie or Game Rentals Each Month.  Add Avengers '66, Vol.  MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE AVENGERS VOL. 2 was written by Rob Liefeld and penciled by Jim Valentino, and ran for 13 issues (Nov. II: Red Zone (Trade Paperback), which was released on Dec.,. 84. Review by Ed Nguyen.   Not a masterpiece, but still suitable for framing, is "The Girl from Auntie," one of three episodes on this DVD from the 1966 season of The Avengers , in which an art. 7 (Hardcover) | Avengers.  Avengers (1998) #66 | Comic Books | Comics | Marvel.com  What's Hot in Movies.   Avengers 66 Set 2 Vol 3 - DVD Movie Central  AVENGERS '66 Set 2, Volume 3. 2 to Queue Add Avengers '66,. 2: Diana Rigg, Patrick MacNee.   Search Results for avengers | Page 2 - Movies | New Releases | DVD.  Iron Man 2; Random Movie; TV. The Avengers; Thor; Captain America: The First Avenger; X-Men: First Class;