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  For those that have a love of diamonds and a love of the movies, finding one with both ideas is a treat. Directed by.   Blood Diamond (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Blood Diamond is a 2006 American political war thriller film co-produced and directed by Edward Zwick, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou.   Starring Kirk Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, Corbin Allred.   Blood Diamond | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  Set against the backdrop of civil war and chaos in 1990's Sierra Leone, Danny Archer, a South African mercenary, and Solomon Vandy, a Mende fisherman are joined in a. The film stars Kirk Douglas, Dan Aykroyd, Lauren Bacall, Jenny McCarthy.   Diamonds | Moviefone - Movies | Movie Times | Tickets | Movies Now.  Diamonds (1999 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Diamonds is a 1999 comedy film directed by John Mallory Asher and written by Allan Aaron Katz. Actors: Kirk Douglas: Harry Agensky · Dan Aykroyd: Lance Agensky · Corbin Allred: Michael Agensky · Lauren Bacall: Sin-Dee · Kurt.  A elderly man and his estranged son search for treasure and try to repair their relationship in this bittersweet.   Diamonds - Rotten Tomatoes - Movies | Movie Trailers | Reviews. .   Diamonds (2009) Trailer, Review, Video Clips, Interviews, Starring James Purefoy, Judy Davis, Derek Jacobi, Louise Rose, Joanne Kelly, Stephen McHattie.  Diamonds Movie (2009) - ReelzChannel - Movie Trailers, News.   Kirk Douglas' flinty performance fails to overshadow an otherwise dull and cliche-ridden affair. Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio: Danny Archer · Djimon Hounsou: Solomon Vandy · Jennifer Connelly: Maddy Bowen · Kagiso Kuypers: Dia Vandy. Diamond investing, fraud and heists are at the heart of real.   More Diamond Movies - Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Diamond Jewelry.   Diamonds | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  In an effort to bond with his estranged son, Lance, elderly former prizefighter Harry Agensky takes his son and grandson on a road trip to Reno in search of 13 stolen.   Diamonds (1999) - IMDb  Director: John Mallory Asher