Anna Kendrick


Pale, awkward and very very small. Form an orderly queue, gents.

Seeeeee.......  (this is the only twitter I have)

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2109 days ago

Seeeeee....... (this is the only twitter I have)


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maryaliceblack 1607 days ago

I'm glad you confirm it, It's as a official verification. You look very cute :) I like your T-shirt! Xoxo

thaissouza25 1642 days ago

following you ! i love you anna !

goofoffgoose21 1652 days ago

You crack me up. You totally make the movies btw.

SoDamnScott 1655 days ago

Really?!? A Batman Shirt? We should date. :)

ytretyakova 1704 days ago

soooo pretty)))
Ukraine and Russia loves you*

LeahSartin 1706 days ago

your amazing in twilight, new moon and eclipse!
a.k.a twilight saga :)
very pretty x

so_indecisive 1728 days ago

proof of a real celeb account! good...hey can you follow me back? and hope ur doing well since last time i've seen you..god bless

BritanyThompson 1734 days ago

Thanks for this! I hope you're doing good!

annakp872 1743 days ago

Your gorgeous and your an amazing actress! I am lovin' the tee shirt! LOVE YOU!!!!! <3<3 xoxo :)

Nayathy 1768 days ago


DavidBrianHeard 1806 days ago

BATMAN T SHIRT!!!!!!! and im digging the old school pen-and-paper method :D

avrilwolf 1814 days ago

you'r very beautiful ı like you .....

AmiiGs93 1838 days ago

really funny x)

ElyMebui 1847 days ago

Hi anna!! you're one of the best actress and by this i love all films that you do, sorry by the ortography i'm from spain and here get enter in the world of the cinema is so difficult, a lot of luck in your way, very luck!! a lot of kisses from here ;) El

AndreiZubko 1853 days ago

You're very beautiful! And originally invented:)

GraziiLopes 1856 days ago

eeeh axo q a revista tah mentindo... hahaha...

Always_robsten 1860 days ago

nice !

reachingstratos 1864 days ago

Nice shirt! :)

AlieHarlow 1866 days ago

great!! no we can konw who is the official Anna!! You are making an excellent job in Twilight Sagaa!!

HotGarbage1 1868 days ago

I made a bet with a friend that you will continue to take good roles in quality movies and generally stay awesome. Totally selfish of me, but if you get offered a part in Dumb and Even Dumbererer...JUST SAY NO!!!