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Diane Clare
Terence de Marney
William Sylvester
William Dexter
Aliza Gur
Sylvia Marriott
Edward Underdown

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As...   13: POSTING #666 - BEAST OF MOROCCO / Associated British-Pathé.   POSTING #666 - BEAST OF MOROCCO / Associated British-Pathé - 1966 / Music by Joan Shakespeare  Morocco - Rotten Tomatoes - Movies | Movie Trailers | Reviews. He is a British architect who is flying to Morocco to escape from the agony he has experienced back. Actors: William Sylvester: Paul Carver · Diane Clare: Chantal · Aliza Gur: Marisa · Edward Underdown: Gunther · Terence de Marney: Omar.  Shot mostly on location in Morocco, the film has an unusual look and feel,.   Watch Beast of Morocco full movie online for free produced in 1968. With WILLIAM SYLVESTER.   Review: Like so many campaigners before him, Gary Cooper joins the Foreign Legion to "forget." At a smoky cabaret in Morocco, Cooper meets café entertainer... Meet Paul Carver.   Still not on DVD - THE HAND OF NIGHT (1966) - our Beast in Morocco.. The movie opens with a dream. Embassy in Rabat.. Beast of Morocco (The Hand Of Night) (1968 - England.  Beasts of the Southern Wild; Bones Brigade: An Autobiography;  Morocco | FILM FORWARD: Advancing Cultural Dialogue  Beasts of the Southern Wild; Bones Brigade: An Autobiography; Chasing Ice; The Light In Her Eyes; The Loving Story;