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# Syria :: Assessment of Monday, December 4



Monday there were more than 239 martyrs, including 10 children and 8 women.
116 of them are in Damascus and its suburbs (including the massacre of Zayabieh 40), 41 in Aleppo, 18 in Daraa, including 10 Tafas, 17 in Hama, 13 in Idlib, 12 in Homs, 10 in Hassakeh; 10 der-el-Zor and Latakia 2.

In addition, there are more than 291 points bombed, 21 of them through the jets, 3 VIA cluster bombs (Cluster Bombs), 2 VIA Bombs vacuum (Vaccum Bombs) and 6 of VIA barrels of explosives. There are more than 76 mortar rounds, 156 artillery and 59 VIA Via missiles.

Moreover, there are more than 157 points of clashes between ASL and regime forces and two MIG was slain (in the eastern part Ghouta del) ASL bombed the military airport of Der-el -Zor.
SHIFT :: a third MIG has been shot Der el Zor has