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Husband, Father, Singer/ Songwriter, Comic-Book Enthusiast...and Whatnot

Discussing tonight

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2738 days ago

Discussing tonight


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JessicaLeese 2336 days ago

Someone loves Batman! What an attractive catwoman LOL!

alika72 2602 days ago


tzibell 2640 days ago

aww Chris.. u look like a bad boy.. lol

irishgirljess 2673 days ago

LMAO that is hilarious!!!

PLUTO479 2675 days ago


honesty_truth 2692 days ago

Typical J.B. and Daughtry! Yep Yep!

peaches793 2697 days ago

Lol how funny is that? lol

MrsKeithWoll 2733 days ago

Stan Lee's next comic book characters haha

jamesf408 2733 days ago

Dude you look like you would be the next batman

DaniihCookie 2736 days ago

Better than the Original Batman

DaniihCookie 2736 days ago

better than the original Batman.

daughtryditzed 2737 days ago


daughtry4me 2737 days ago

Can't stop laughing - too funny!

tamtamf2002 2737 days ago

Could Batman come rescue me? PLEASE love it

MrsIsles 2737 days ago

Cant believe that no one recognized you two..

THEoneB 2738 days ago

Um.... Chris and Joey sandwhich please! Haha!

shandramare 2738 days ago this one's a little scary!

AmyInPA 2738 days ago

So, this is what super heroes do on their day off, LOL!! Chris and Joey, you guys are rockin' those masks =)

courtney_bolton 2738 days ago

How is it everybody wasn't staring at you two?

jodiracanati 2738 days ago