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Ivonne Coll
Robert Englund
Elizabeth Peña
Kevin Gage
Brett Harrelson
Linda Cardellini
Tucker Smallwood

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  Dee Snider's StrangeLand | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  Angela meets a man called Captain Howdy on the Internet and makes a date with him.  Strangeland (Comparison: R-Rated - Unrated) - - more than 1000 comparions of different versions of films. The film focuses on the body modification. McMullen Jr.   StrangeLand - Rotten Tomatoes - Movies | Movie Trailers | Reviews. reviews Strangeland, starring Dee Snider, Robert Englund, and Elizabeth Pena, Directed by John Pielplow  Strangeland (1998) - Plot Summary  The place is Helverton, Colorado, a town of about 350,000 people.  Strangeland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Strangeland or Strange Land may refer to: Strangeland (film), a 1998 American horror film Strangeland (album), a 2012 album by Keane Strange Land, a 1986 album by Box. C. 15-year-old Genevieve Gage and her best friend Tiana Moore are typical teenagers who spend a lot of. The film was directed by John Pieplow and written by Dee Snider.   Strangeland (1998) - IMDb  Director: John Pieplow. He turns out to be a psychopath and strings her up with her lips sewn shut.   Review: Dee Snider, of the Twisted Sister heavy metal music group, made his debut as a screenwriter and producer with this horror film, directed by John... Actors: Kevin Gage: Mike Gage · Elizabeth Peña: Toni Gage · Brett Harrelson: Steve Christian · Robert Englund: Jackson Roth · Linda.   Strangeland DVD Movie - CD Universe - Your Online Music Store  Strangeland DVD movie video $8.49 in stock at CD Universe, Captain Howdy is caught luring the teenage daughter of a detective in a trap he created on the internet.  Dee Snider's Strangeland    Strangeland (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Strangeland is an American horror film released in 1998.   STRANGELAND movie review - FEO AMANTE'S HORROR THRILLER  E