Life is finite, everything comes to an end at some are you goin to go out knowing that? On your knees or on your feet?

Skellingtonman Suit rough sketch with helm

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1302 days ago

Skellingtonman Suit rough sketch with helm


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JSketches 1301 days ago

It's great, but AE might face a lot copyrighted laws, it's just too similar with original. you could at least change the head on a different view as you did with the armor

DatRinma 1301 days ago

I LOVE IT! But a few things, should be taller, only bone and skinnier parts. Other than that, TNBC <3

Reki_AQW 1301 days ago

Wanted to keep it close to the original jack skellington but different at the same time so i made it thicker (not skeleton thin) and tattered up the clothes while making a few minor changes.

CaptainCio 1302 days ago

oh nice so far :D Go go go ! I like how he is "classy" and "scary" at the same time :D