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Meet the latest addition to ABC's Flash Forward (surprise!) #sdcc

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1878 days ago

Meet the latest addition to ABC's Flash Forward (surprise!) #sdcc


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green_queen 1877 days ago

I'm SO glad Dom's going to be on TV every week again XD

moviegoer424 1877 days ago

I'm so excited about Dom coming back to ABC!

martiniberry 1877 days ago

He should be back on LOST! I also hope, that, he is the one to replace TR on Grey's! Whatcha think?

kerrsmith2306 1878 days ago

Aw. Dominic Monaghan. But hey, why is that a surprise? I thought this was already established he's on that new show?

bonkitgirl 1878 days ago

Dominic!!!! Awesome! Can't wait for Flash Forward now!!

hardbackwriter 1878 days ago

Charlie Pace! Haha!

travanebagunca 1878 days ago

Yep, that's Dominic Monahan. It is expected for u to know that if u follow him, sorry. He had no reason why to put his name in the pic =/

takewhat 1878 days ago

Yeah, we'd know those ears anywhere *g*

eedwa577 1878 days ago

DOM!!!! *faints*

1whedonaddict 1878 days ago

It's Dominic Monahan. He's from Lost and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. So yeah, you are supposed to know who he is in this case.

allisonmcmanus 1878 days ago

It's Dominic Monaghan from Lost & Lord of the Rings... Hopefully the other tease from Ausiello is that he will back on Lost!!! Charlie

kpaez004 1878 days ago

His name is Dominic Monaghan and he used to be/will still be on LOST! I LOVE DOMINIC MONAGHAN!!!!!

bookwomanblue 1878 days ago

??? Are we supposed to automatically know who all these people are? I'm sorry and no disrespect to the other person in the picture, but I don't know this person! A name would be helpful.