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AweJessi 2476 days ago

mmm.. great job indeed

neekoleyyrotten 2477 days ago


chimneyfishband 2477 days ago

The lead guitarist for our band is the chef who rolled this up. He rolls fish at Ra Sushi in the Gaslamp. Next time you are there ask to sit at the sushi bar in front of "Monster". Order the "Deboliver Shangnasty" roll. Check out his guitar work @ mys

xxxave 2477 days ago

It looks like they drew a penis... How imature.....

jojuinc 2477 days ago

Is that "Great Job" made of Sriracha?

NowThatsASandra 2477 days ago

What a Yummy "GREAT JOB" :P

chickbouffard 2477 days ago


jamescampbell 2477 days ago

Would have been better with shrimp and white wine and twins.

faust32 2477 days ago

It looks like San Diego or "Whale's Vagina" serve's up some pretty mean looking deeep fried crab material. Yum!

du57in 2477 days ago

edamame is the best. what are the rolls wrapped in though???

whatbrett 2477 days ago

Its like the chefs are complimenting themselves

MissKonduct 2477 days ago

Sushi chefs in San Diego know how to get it Dunn. This is awesome!

daggerbyte 2477 days ago

Actually, Eric, in this economy, San Diegans are just happy to be employed and are showing it. Is that a penis on the right?

BrianValentine 2477 days ago

i'd pretty much each that all gone

D34nS 2477 days ago


CoyoteBones 2477 days ago

Hahahhahaha amazing XD

likeadeadwolf 2477 days ago

That's some righteous looking grub.

legwarmerbatch 2477 days ago


LordPancreas 2477 days ago

Wow, it's like you're in Fight Club or something...

ofsuchchemistry 2477 days ago

that is some skilled sauce spelling right there.