Rest In Peace, Karen Skeen Vellos-#Belize

Karen Skeen Vellos was there when the Belize Cancer Society was founded some 14 yrs ago . A close friend of Juliet Soberanis, she found it imperative to join the society and serve her community . Throughout the years , Karen contributed in various capacities, including assisting in outreach programs, fundraising, attending seminars, educational sessions, forums, and (her favorite) finding and selling all sorts of cancer awareness products.

Serving the Belize Cancer Society was a big part of Karen 's life. Her sisters, daughter and nieces were always willing to give a hand to assist the society in whatever way they could. The Belize Cancer Society was their number one community based service center . For the past three years, Karen was at the helm of organizing the Annual Cancer Walk. Karen was almost always the first one out at Celinas on The morning of the walk. She was the anchor at the starting point in Ladyville and was always anxious to see the walk begin. May was the month when Karen was most filled with enthusiasm, laughter and pride. She would call everyone she knew, and approach new persons of interest to talk about all the new products that were available for the cancer walk. This year, water bottles were introduced with umbrellas and other new items. Karen would push her fellow board members and staff of the society to make sure all items were being mentioned and sold. Karen's greatest joy and pride was to see the ever growing crowd on the morning to the annual cancer walk. Her quest to see the Belize Cancer Society move forward was always at the forefront of her life.

The Belize Cancer Society is also very grateful to Karen and her family for the conference room at the Belize Cancer Society. Today the space continues to be used to generate funds and for board meetings.

Karen Skeen Vellos - We Thank You for your friendship, leadership and commitment! You are gone but will never be forgotten by The Belize Cancer Society.

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