Undiscovered Tomb Film

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Jin Zhang
Marsha Yuen
Yôko Shimada
Siu Lung Sik
Ken Wong

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  A daring explorer races against an evil organization to find the legendary Pills of Eternity in this explosive homage to the Hollywood blockbuster Tomb Raider. .  undiscovered tomb - YouTube  0:45 Super lift and kick - Undiscovered Tomb by zawenator 3,416 views;.  Yoko Shimada - Undiscovered Tomb - Fandango.com  Find Yoko Shimada's bio, filmography, including Undiscovered Tomb, photos, news and tweets.  Undiscovered Tomb (2002) - IMDb  Director: Douglas Kung.  2:37 Red Tails Movie Trailer 2011 George Lucas by nogoodflix 586,118 views;  My Way Film Company Limited -- Our Films  December, 2002 - Our quality productions UNDISCOVERED TOMB, SNAKE CHARMER and LABORATORY OF THE DEVIL have been invited to participate in the Dawn Horror Film. Actors: Yôko Shimada: Professor Ivy Chan · Siu Lung Sik: The Kid · Ken Wong: Michael Lui · Marsha Yuen: Georgia · Jin Zhang: Steve  Amazon.com: Undiscovered Tomb: Yoko Shimada, Marsha Yuan, Sik Siu.   Hong Kong Digital #254: Undiscovered Tomb  No doubt inspired by Paramount’s big budget adaptation of LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER, My Way Film Company continued its history of cashing in on. An expedition is sent out to find this ultimate treasure.   [HK-Movie] Undiscovered Tomb (2002) | MYAC.ASIA  Scientists have discovered the possible location of an artifact that brings eternal life.   In this action-packed homage to the Hollywood film Tomb Raider, Ivy (Yoko Shimada) is an adventurous archaeologist who mounts an expedition to the remote border. Get the latest on Yoko Shimada at Fandango.com  Yoko Shimada (Undiscovered Tomb, Crying Freeman, ) - news, photos.   actor: Yoko Shimada - filmography (including Undiscovered Tomb, Crying Freeman, ), bio and film news from LOVEFiLM.com.   Hong Kong Cinemagic - Undiscovered Tomb  Plot: Deep in the isolated border between China and India lies an ancient, hidden tomb thought to contain the treasured "Pills of Eternity." In this action-packed.   Undiscovered Tomb - Rotten Tomatoes - Movies | Movie Trailers