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Downloadable The Crazy-Quilt Movie The Crazy-Quilt movie download Actors: Calvin Kentfield Harry Hunt Ina Mela Ellen Frye Robert Marquis Sonia Berman Tom Rosqui Jerry Mander Doug Korty Download here http://meersolow.info/1/movie/The-Crazy-Quilt 1965 Breaking the Habit (documentary short). Crazy Quilt - Batman Wiki TV & Movies. Search . The Crazy-Quilt: Cast - Cinema by Theia - Latest news, movie. the Batman movies are going to run out of interesting villains to feature and will be forced to start scraping closer to the bottom of the. Batman (1960s series) Birds of Prey;. MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. Crazy Quilt (1975) Movie Review – MRQE Movie reviews for Crazy Quilt. The Crazy-Quilt (1966) - IMDb Director: John Korty. The Crazy-Quilt - Movie info: cast, reviews, trailer on mubi.com The Crazy-Quilt on mubi.com. Live Action. John Korty - IMDb 1966 The Crazy-Quilt . Buy Movies on DVD & Blu-ray: LOVEFiLM Watch Movies Online: Amazon Wireless Cellphones & Wireless Plans: 6 Insane Batman Villains You Won't See in the Movies | Cracked.com . #4. Crazy Quilt appears in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, voiced by Jeffrey Tambor